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See me live at Anytown Tavern on March 17th, with Willie Show and Justin Tune at 9PM!

February 21
I just finished recording some tracks for The Adam Benjamin Band. We recorded at Juniper Studios in southern Anytown. They have a great drum room, complete with cathedral ceiling and maple floor. The engineer was an old friend of mine, Ben Taylor. He always manages to get the truest sound out of my drums. Nice and punchy. He always goes a bit dry, but they really don't need any effects they way he mics the room. I can't wait to hear the final mix. When I get a copy, I'll post a sample on the Downloads page.

February 15
I will be spinning the latest jamz at the Anytown Tavern on March 2nd, from 9pm-2am. It's always off the hook, so be sure to be there. The only party in town!

February 10
The Garage Band just finished recording their sophomore effort, called "The Big Room";. I hear from a couple of the guys that this release will feature a bit more production value and will contain at least twelve new tunes. As a fan of these guys, I can't wait. The album is scheduled for release on March 3rd.

January 27
Don't miss Bonnie Ann Clyde performing live at Jill's Java House. She is a great folk singer. We have worked together in the past. She is a true talent.

January 19
I just added two new tunes to my Downloads page. The first is a performance I recorded last week at McGuffey's Pub. The second is a recording I made with Carrie Oakey. I played both drums and guitar. Check it out now!

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